37-year-old cultivator, Libaq Alabade, presented above has been captured in Ogun state after human parts were found on him.

Alabade was captured by agents of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT). Human parts which incorporate a disjoined human leg, was found on him.

A tipoff from occupants of the Ajuwon people group in Ifo, Ogun state, prompted his capture. The inhabitants cautioned the police over doubt that Alabade utilizes human parts for his ceremonies

An assault on Aladade’s home prompted the recuperation of human parts, including the disjoined legs of a female and male said to have been utilized for cash ceremonies.

Further discoveries uncovered that Alabade possesses numerous houses in the network, some of which are covered with shallow graves, from where he purportedly unearths cadavers to extricate favored human parts for ceremonial purposes.

Whenever questioned, Aladade denied utilizing human parts for his ceremonial works. He said

“This is a complete set up by my known adversary, a kindred botanist, named Segun. He had once revealed to me that he would manage me for presenting him to the police. I was doing security function as an OPC part. I used to help police to recognize a portion of these perilous components in our general public. Indeed, even in our affiliation gatherings, I used to underscore these issues.

“Segun revealed to me that he would demonstrate me for helping the police to capture him. Indeed, I used to illuminate the police of their outrages since I value a respectable society and I have an incentive for human lives. He simply set me up. I was captured for slaughtering individuals for ceremonies. I have not executed anyone. We have two graves in my compound. I have seven spouses. Three passed on. I have five youngsters.

“My work is straightforward; I have medication for ‘labor’, that can make a man ‘solid’ for 30 minutes of sex. One goes for N2,000 – N2,500. Give me a chance to prompt the police. To lessen utilizing human parts for ceremonies in Ogun State, they(police) should execute any speculate found with human parts after examination had demonstrated that the suspect truly dedicated the offense or has the aim to submit.

“The facts confirm that individuals are mischievously killed for cash customs however I don’t do it. I was set up by my pursue botanist since I detailed him to the police.”

Sources inside the police uncovered that the suspect will be charged to court as soon as investigation is completed.


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