Holch Povlsen
Holch Povlsen

Billionaire carries out act of generosity.

Asos billionaireAnders Holch Povlsen just lost 3 out of his 4 kids in the Sri Lanka terror attack, but this isn’t stopping him from being a blessing to the world.

Mr Povlsen, 46, who is Scotland’s biggest landowner, The Billionaire carries out act of generosity as he is ready to fund a new showpiece health hub for remote communities in Tongue, Scotland.

Anders Holch Povlsen’s UK company Wildland is in discussions to secure Church of Scotland land in the Highlands and is prepared to provide additional money to realise the scheme.

Mr Povlsen has 13 estates in Scotland, and before the attacks had told how he wanted to pass on his dream of rewilding the land to his children because he will not live long enough to see it through. Sadly, three of his children died on Easter Sunday when suicide bombers attacked churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. This leaves him with one child, a daughter named Astrid.

Mr Povlsen confirmed that his son Alfred and daughters Alma and Agnes were killed in the Easter Sunday attacks.

The discussions with Wildland began prior to the Sri Lankan tragedy. But, in spite of the tragedy, he is going ahead with the project.

A special packed church service was held in Tongue, Scotland in the wake of the bombings to “quietly reflect” on the tragedy and prayers were offered for the Povlsens, Mirror reports.


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