A billionaire diamond trader went to an upscale medicinal center in Paris for a penis development and ended up dead — the casualty of a heart assault, which apparently struck while he was under the knife.
Ehud Arye Laniado, 65, eventually kicked the bucket from entanglements amid surgery, according to neighborhood media reports.The Belgian-Israeli double national was said to have endured the fatal heart assault only minutes in the wake of getting an obscure substance infused into his penis.
Laniado was a casualty of the purported Napoleon complex — which means he was fixated on his little size.The precious stone merchant “constantly centered around his appearance and how others saw him,” as per one companion, who addressed Belgium’s GVA newspaper.
He supposedly checked his financial balance “on various occasions multi day” just to make himself feel better.”It turned out that he had a few gifts,” clarified one companion. “Universally, he was one of the greatest specialists in esteeming crude diamonds.
“While Laniado’s total assets is obscure, he had been compelled to hand over more than $5 billion in punishments to Belgian experts in the wake of getting into inconvenience for tax avoidance.His organization, Omega Diamonds, affirmed his demise in an announcement Wednesday.

“Farewell to a visionary specialist,” the announcement said


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