Grouping and declaration of results have been suspended in Imo State following challenges at the INEC gathering focus in Owerri on Monday.

Inconvenience began when the returning officer from Ideato South was asked by the Imo REC Prof. Francis Ezeonu to initiate the declaration of Ideato South result. No sooner had the returning officer sat down to report the result than the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) operator, Uche Onyeagocha, and his partners Paschal Onwukaike of Democratic Alternative (DA) and Steve Asimobi of Redemption Party (RP) challenged the declaration of the results from Ideato South.

This led to an argument where Onyeagocha affirmed that the Ideato South result favoured the Action Alliance applicant with an over the top figure and accordingly ought not be declared. A verbal fight among PDP, AA, AD and RP operators finished in the tearing of the governorship decision results for Ideato South.

Onyeagocha likewise while dismissing the declaration of the results, guaranteed that the PDP and other gathering operators were threatened at the Ideato South LGA grouping focus and supplicated that the REC drop the result. Amidst the savagery that followed, Onyeagocha and the others were captured by the security agents present while Ezeonu and the Imo Returning Officer, Prof. Francis Otonta were whisked away to safety. This prompted the suspension of declaration of results in Imo.

Prior to the fracas, results from 11 councils had been reported in the state. Results from 16 councils are still being awaited.


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