A British man whose father was on the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed on Sunday has talked about the last minutes they spent together.
Ben Kuria said he was still in stun in the wake of hearing that Joseph Waithaka – a 55-year-old Kenyan and British double national – was ready the flight.
Tributes have additionally been paid to a British lady, Joanna Toole, who was likewise among the 149 travelers who died.
The Foreign Office said no less than seven Britons were on the flight.The crash occurred at 08:44 nearby time (05:44 GMT), six minutes after the months-old Boeing 737 Max-8 took off.
Eight group individuals additionally kicked the bucket, the carrier said.Mr Kuria depicted his dad, who moved to the UK in 2004, as a “liberal” man who “adored justice”.
Mr Waithaka moved to the UK in 2004Mr Waithaka lived in Hull and worked for the Humberside Probation Trust before coming back to live in Kenya in 2015.
He had three children.
Mr Kuria said he had seen his dad in Croydon, south London on Saturday, as he had been in the UK visiting relatives.
They had a feast together and bid a fond farewell before his dad got a trip to Addis Ababa, he said.”I gave him an embrace and shook his hand, in light of the fact that in my way of life it’s more about the handshake than it is about the embrace,” he told BBC News.”And I said we’ll most likely observe you sooner or later soon.
We ordinarily invest more energy bidding a fond farewell, however yesterday it sort of just felt everyday practice.”


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