Teni the entertainer and ”Uyo Meyo” crooner has come under fire for cursing out a white man in her native Yoruba dialect.

This isn’t the first time the singer is doing this, she is fond of using her language to insult whites who do not understand what she is speaking.

See some fans reaction on Twitter.

@oluafolabi wrote,’This thing Teni is doing where she insults White people in Yoruba language is disgusting.

@BillionTwits wrote,’People defending Teni’s childish behavior be like “it was just a skit”. Like making a skit gives you immunity to be stupid & racist. If a Whiteman comes to Nigeria & starts calling us names we wouldn’t see it as “just a skit”. Always call a spade a spade.

@degosTee wrote,’Teni actually meant no harm, but it’s wrong to use whimsical light-hearted Yoruba insults on a non Yoruba speaking person. That said, you’re a disgusting grief-stricken human being if you’re hopping on her mistake to body-shame her. Grow tf up!

@felakinging wrote,’Me to Teni : You need to lose some weight and make better music Her fans : You’re mad, stop body shaming her and Mind your business etc Teni to Foreigner : Aye e ti baje ( Your life has spoilt) , oloshi ( stupid person) Her fans: Yass girl , you’re funny AF Double what ?


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