Girlfriend sit as guy's mum sweep
Girlfriend sit as guy’s mum sweep

Girlfriend sit as her boyfriend mum sweeps

On the platform Lord Fuad a user wrote that a guy brought his girlfriend home to meet his mother and he left her in the sitting room, His mother began to sweep but his girlfriend did not help her.

“This guy took his gf to his house. He left her in the parlour, went to the room. His mum was sweeping the floor, got to the girl’s place, she lifted her leg so the mum could sweep underneath.Was she right to do that?”

This was a test from the from the boyfriend’s mum, According to his mother it is a bad 1st impression on the side of the girlfriend.

Nigerians did not hesitate to pour out their minds on the comment section

A man identified as Sean Johnson wrote:

All these girls can make mouth for Africa. Find the guy that fit your style and if you are helping the mum sweet, it won’t kill your self esteem in anyway. Have learnt on SM that those who say they can do this are actually the ones who do it

Another name Melinda says she would not sweep as the test was stupid.

All this tests that mothers give girlfriends are stupid. The person that wants to marry me should know if it’s the 1st time I’m meeting the mother & she does this I won’t sweep. I’ll probably fake a call from my mum that I have to take outside and From there to my house.

In my culture if someone starts sweeping, it means they don’t really want you in their house or at the least want you to leave.

so i would leave.

boyfriend mum sweeps
boyfriend mum sweeps

Girlfriend sit as her boyfriend mum sweeps.



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