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On Monday, Halle Berry uncovered her gigantic back tattoo on Instagram.

Her body workmanship is a vine highlighting leaves that go down her spine and makes her vibe like a legendary mermaid, as indicated by her caption.

She is topless in the photo, and just wore a pink and colorful sequin skirt while she cooked in the kitchen.

Yesterday, Halle Berry flaunted her crazy new back tattoo in a topless Instagram photograph

The Oscar-winning on-screen character and apparently ever-enduring excellence is known for both her enthralling nearness onscreen as she is for her madly conditioned body. Berry routinely utilizes her Instagram to feature her duty to working out and solid living on #FitnessFriday. About a week and a half prior, she posted a return preview of herself in a dark harvest top (that flaunted her conditioned back) and dark Versace pants. Maybe this flashback Insta was Berry’s method for prodding her forthcoming body ink


Berry isn’t the only star who recently revealed a back tattoo. On Valentine’s Day, Lady Gaga debuted her new back tat courtesy of L.A.-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter. She has a beautiful rose that runs down her spine with the words, “la vie en rose,” which referenced the Edith Piaf track she sang in the film A Star Is Born


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