Fatai Owoseni, the former Lagos Commissioner of Police in a visit with Sun paper has said that the genuine reason he was redeployed from Benue State was that he wouldn’t obey orders from his bosses that could have prompted disorder and further killings in the disturbed state.

Review that Owoseni was posted from Lagos by the then Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to Benue State to suppress the herders and ranchers emergency that prompted the passing of in excess of 100 people incorporating policemen in the state.

Be that as it may, not exactly a year, he was redeployed out Benue for apparently neglecting to stop the prosecution of the then Speaker of the Benue assembly, Hon. Terkimbi Ikyange.

He stated:

“I was sent to Benue in the warmth of the farmers– herders emergency and to the best of my capacity, I released my obligation inside the ambit of the law.

“In police work, we are the most imperiled. Guidelines will be given to you and you will be gotten in the middle of obeying prevalent guidance and regarding the constitution of the nation.

“I held that as a rule that my steadfastness is to the constitution of Nigeria, not to any individual. Where there are clashes that way, on the off chance that you are not ready to adjust what you do, any slip-up of judgment can cost you your activity. It’s only for you to be sufficiently developed to know where your commitment lies, to most likely separate between what is legal and unlawful guidance.

“I can disclose to you that I released my duty to the best of my capacity. Somebody will sit in Abuja and give you guidance, it is for you that is on the ground to know the ramifications of that guidance. Directions that will prompt killings and unsettling influence in the state.

“Whatever that may have occurred, that has moved toward becoming history now. The most critical thing is that I have my respectability unblemished.”

On the variables in charge of the emergency in Benue, Owoseni stated: “These conflicts are not new inside that hub; it’s simply that we are a nation without institutional memory. Route back, when you have dry season, the herders, search for water and that pivot you have what is called Fadama land which has rich foliage, simultaneously, they move the cows towards that territory.

“While doing that, they can experience individuals who are utilizing a similar land to cultivate. They battle about constrained assets. In any case, at a point in time, similarly as we do about everything in this nation, each test is constantly given a religious, innate and political meaning.

“At the point when the previous Inspector General of Police, MD Abubakar was there, he set up a panel driven by a resigned DIG to proceed to address those emergencies which were more in Plateau, Taraba, and Benue hub.

“But since we don’t keep a record, and no exercises learnt by any means, rather than us to apply these discoveries, the pioneers will be foolhardy in their talking. In some cases they misrepresent, now and again, they live willfully ignorant. We pretty much, oversee by duplicity.

“The reality remains that they had an issue there, it was how things were taken care of and how they politicized the entire issue that heightened it.

“The arrangement isn’t unrealistic; you essentially work with the general population. When you take a gander at the counter open touching law, there were a great deal of spaces for the two gatherings to cooperate.

“It is for the two gatherings to cooperate and for the state to make strengthening for the herders. On the off chance that you state that they ought to restrict the creatures to a specific territory, how would you help them particularly with respect to water? Essentially, I think the way in which every one of those things were interpreted did not help the circumstance by any stretch of the imagination. Many individuals were executed and we lost around 20 policemen all the while.”


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