Man beats fiancee
Man beats fiancee

Man beats fiancee mercilessly

Issues of domestic violence have become a thing of concern after several reports of men beating up their spouses hit social media.

A man identified as Prince Adelufosi Adelekan Lawrence beats fiancee 3 months to their wedding blue black.

The Nigerian lady is currently battling a battered eye.

Lady battling with eye
Lady battling with eye

Obayinde has called out his cousin’s fiance for beating her to a pulp just a few months to their wedding.

Obayinde then warned ladies not to cherish marriage more than their lives. He added that they should not kill themselves in an attempt to keep a man.

man on the run
man on the run

Man beats fiancee mercilessly.

In a tweet thread, Obayinde recounted how his cousin suffered domestic violence in the hands of the man, she was to marry in August.

He shares pictures of his cousin brutalized saying

its not a motor bike accident but domestic violence.

According to him, this is not the first time he is doing this to her but she has apparently been covering up for him.

Engaged to be married by August 2019. She was not involved in an accident. Her fiancee did this to her. This is not the first time. she’s been covering him up in the name of “where would I start from? I still love him”.

Obayinde added that Lawrence who lives in Ibadan is now on the run and is nowhere to be found.

Lawrence is on the run but can’t run forever.. DV Advocate, please that’s his facebook page..

man beats wife
man beats wife








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