Naira Marley is not a bad guy.
Naira Marley is not a bad guy.

Naira Marley is not a bad guy.

Nigerian blasts Naira Marley especially for the release of his new song ‘Soapy’

This makes him a target for morally upright folks.

Nigerians sees him as a bad influence and one who corrupts the youth.

The music curator, Joseph Abalokwu writes in this piece that Naira Marley sn’t the villain but ‘we are’

He Wrote:

In my previous article, i somewhat metioned that a substance cannot be called trash if it performs its intended purpose, though you may not like it or its quality might be reduced, if the substance is still used for its intended purpose, then it cannot be trash so lets relate this analogy to the music sphere, if i, a music connoiseur in my own rights, calls a project “a little bit garbage like” (which i have learnt not to) but that particular project goes on to be no. 1, rakes in millions of downloads, connects to a million and one persons and blows up in the clubs, radios and all supposed platforms then thats my personal problem, it isnt any better to me but then it has fulfiled its intended purpose – To connect people.

When Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley blew up in 2016 with his banger “issa goal”

which strategically came out during the FIFA world cup in Brazil,


Nigerians thought the streets had finally taken over, young street artistes were shaking up the airwaves with Zlatan Ibile, Chinko Ekun, Danny S  also coming up strong.

It was their time to shine again since the early days of Olamide but little did they know they were feeding an uncontrollable,

unrepentant, no manner villain.  A villiain that would come back and remind people why you dont give the street / uneducated a big platform.



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