school shooter covers his ear
school shooter covers his ear

Parkland school shooter covers his ear in the court .

A school in Florida was attacked by a boy identified by Nickolas Cruz who opened fire at the school and a gunned down 17 people last year.

He was unable to accept what he did, he covers his ears as prosecutors played an audio where he said he would be the next school shooter.

Nickolas as of last year was 19, opens fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida, on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

The audio is being played in the court and cruz is heard telling a friend that he would “be the next school shooter of 2018”.

He said ‘My goal is at least 20 people with an AR-15. … Location is Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida.

‘It’s going to be a big event,’ he said.

‘And when you see me on the news, you’ll know who I am.’

‘You’re all going to die,’ he says before making gunshot sounds.

‘Can’t wait.’

In a video, he says:

‘Today is the day. The day that it all begins. The day of my massacre shall begin.

‘All the kids in school will run in fear and hide. From the wrath of my power they will know who I am.’

Cruz then appears to offer a glimpse into a possible motive.

‘I’ve had enough being told what to do and when to do. … Telling me I’m an idiot and a dumb***,’ he says.

‘In real life, you’re all the dumb***. You’re all stupid and brainwashed.’

As the audio is played in court yesterday by Florida prosecutors arguing for access to mental health and medical records of Cruz, the school shooter covered his ears and bent his head.

Parkland school shooter covers his ear in the court



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