Police at Efab Estate Polling Unit 017 Mbora District, Life camp on Saturday, captured a fake Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Polling Officer (PO) amid the Chairmanship and Councilors Election.

Mohammed Bako, the officer-in control at the bequest said the fake PO had no implicating things taken care of he was conveying. Mr Bako said the when the police constrained open sack which was bolted with a latch, they discovered telephones, attire and a resting mat.

Before the police was called, the man who professed to be a PO was seen moving around in a suspicious way wearing a reflector coat which had the engraving ‘PO’. When he was asked by the official PO for what valid reason he was wearing the coat since it was difficult to have two POs in a surveying unit, he ended up aggressive.

At the point when the consideration of the police was drawn by the contention and he was approached to give his identity card, he snapped and pushed a policeman to the floor. The young fellow who would not uncover his name said the sack was not his own and he didn’t have the way to it. Endeavors to calm the young fellow down failed as he becomes violent


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