Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has said that selling President Buhari to the worldwide market over the most recent four years has been a simple errand as President Buhari was such a ”good product” everyone wanted to associate with.

The minister said this when he talked on the Good Morning Nigeria program disclosed on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), on Wednesday April 24th.

At the point when requested to talk on the international community’s perception of the President, Mohammed said

“I have a good product in President Buhari and selling him to the international community was quite easy. What endears him to the International community is the achievement in the economy; how he nurtured the economy from recession to growth, recording six consecutive quarters of growth in the GDP.

We have brought down inflation; foreign reserve has increased from $27bn to $45bn. Our reforms have earned us accolade globally. Post-election, we have witnessed $5bn investment in Nigeria” he said


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