Tunisia’s health minister, Abderraouf Cherif has resigned after the abrupt passings of 11 newborn babies at a state maternity medical clinic started an objection in the nation.

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed acknowledged Abderraouf Cherif’s resignation, the premier’s office said on Facebook late on Saturday. “Those in charge of any carelessness will confront lawful procedures,” the executive said at the maternity emergency clinic in the capital late Saturday, as indicated by a video discharged by his office.

Leading newspaper Essafa on Sunday cried foul and compared the deaths of the babies to a “state crime”. A medical association said the sudden deaths could have been caused by a food product that had gone bad.

The babies kicked the bucket on Thursday and Friday at the Rabta facility in Tunis, which is part of a large medical centre in the capital . From that point forward experts have propelled a few examinations, , including medical and hygiene checks by the health ministry which was likewise testing the administration of the medical clinic drug store.

Investigators said they had opened a legal investigation into the death.The Tunisian pediatrics society wrote in an announcement on Facebook that “elements of the ongoing investigation” pointed to an infection caused by a food product given by gastric tube. indicated a disease brought about by a nourishment item given by gastric cylinder.

The association called on the authorities to “shed light” on the situation and recalled the “precarious conditions in which health professionals work”. The health ministry said in a statement that “preventive measures and treatment have been taken to avoid other victims and to ensure the health of other babies in the maternity ward”.

The independent Tunisian Forum of Economic and Social Rights had called on the health minister to resign over the deaths. The public health system, once a source of pride in Tunisia, has been hit by management and financial problems that lowered standards and caused drug shortages.


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