PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. —As President Donald Trump held a meeting at Mar-a-Lago with Caribbean pioneers over Venezuela, some Venezuelan-Americans in South Florida worry over what’s going on in their home country.

“It’s been a pulverization of the nation,” says Soraya Exposito Shapiro, who presently lives in Palm Beach County.

She says her 82-year-old dad still lives in Venezuela, alongside a sister and nieces and nephews.

“I chat with my family and they state it’s a phantom town,” Shapiro says.

On Friday, as the president expressed gratitude toward the pioneers of five nations for supporting democracy in Venezuela, the organization imposed more sanctions on Venezuela, bracing down on the nation’s development bank.

“I grew up in a free Venezuela and that’s what I want for my nieces and nephews and for my father I don’t want him to die with sadness, you know, it is very painful for me,” Shapiro says.


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