Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede who recently disclosed that her marriage to Olakunle Fawole better known as Abounce has crashed has revealed in a new chat with Sunday Scoop that she doesn’t regret marrying him in the first place.

The screen star and her estranged’s husband were barely married for a year before their split occurred.

Talking on the failed marriage, she stated,

“I don’t regret my marriage to him. I have never lamented anything in my life. Each experience is something to gain from. There truly is nothing for me to take a seat and wish I didn’t do or ought to have done. Indeed, I returned to my unique name via web-based networking media, however I am fine. Don’t I look okay?”

On why Abounce was absent at the initiating of their child kid, Xavier, Yvonne stated,

“I truly don’t have a clue why he wasn’t there. Possibly you ought to ask him. In any case, I don’t feel awful that he wasn’t there and as should be obvious, I’m in high spirits.”

Talking further on her motherhood experience, Yvonne stated,

“Having my child was an adventure; increasingly like an affair, I can always remember. motherhood has shown me continuance and persistence. There are times I would need to rest yet I can’t on the grounds that my child is awake and I would need to stay with him.”

On how motherhood would influence her profession, she uncovered that her new status as a mother would tell on the sort of jobs she acknowledges.

“Surely, motherhood would affect on the sort of jobs I would acknowledge. Presently, I would just do difficult tasks that can bring more cash since school charges are coming and the financial balance must look pleasant to almost certainly bear the cost of the costs. I would be much busier this year,” she included.

The performing artist additionally talked on how she recaptured her provocative shape after labor. She stated,

“I have dependably been fixated on loosing weight. after having my baby, I’m attempting to snap back and get to my ordinary shape. loosing weight is a thing of the psyche; it has to do with your intuitive. It occurs in the soul before it shows in the physical.”


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